Make the Break

Goodbye rests on my tongue, scared to leap. Waiting till every tomorrow, only wanting to sleep. I know what to say, but I’m just not ready. No matter how my voice shakes, I must remain steady.

You used me and left me, so what’s there to say? Really, why should I give you the time of day? Everyone knows it’s not what I thought it’d be. Now they say I deserve better, and you don’t deserve me.

I should be happy, and I’m just not with you. It’s too late now, there’s nothing you could do. You wouldn’t try anyway; that’s not your style. Any suffering is in silence and only for a while.

Beginner’s mistake, writing our names in the sand. I should’ve known better just like taking your hand. Everyday tides washed away the lines I drew. Now I can’t believe I gave in to you.

Restoring a heart by never looking back. Your goodbye’s coming with a sign on its back. And I’d never seek revenge, no heaven forbid. But nothing can justify what you did.

I’m tearing with ragged edges, morbidly awake. One more night and I’ll get around to the break. It’s the best I can do knowing words are cheap. Goodbye rests on my tongue, but I’m scared to leap.


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