Camouflage; the first pool day of the summer; bonfires; waking up rested before the alarm goes off; challenges; country music; motorcycle rides; wrapping Christmas gifts; hearing “Confetti! It’s a parade!” every time I get a text; catching up with friends back home; movie nights with friends at school; chapstick; having Emmett fall asleep in my lap; sour patch kids; spending time with family in Key West; everything in Key West; times I overstep my comfort zone; trying new restaurants; my Magic 8 Ball; the excitement and enthusiasm I get from our dogs when I come home for breaks; Netflix; getting to see my mom marry her soulmate; fireplaces; running through fountains; Sundays dedicated to football; spicy food; getting letters and packages; finishing a song; concert atmospheres; the color orange; Ariat boots; footprints in the sand; getting really wrapped up in a good book; key lime pie; painting canvases; wearing old flannel shirts to bed; pomegranates; getting hooked on a new TV show; baby goat sounds; capturing moments from behind the lens of a camera; smiles from strangers; simplicity; hearing the “IU Sucks” chant no matter who we’re playing; remembering to take vitamins; stormy nights; days playing with Sam at Dad’s house; meeting my role models; first hellos after long goodbyes; laughing uncontrollably and without shame; new jars of peanut butter; hearing a quote that makes me believe someone out there really does “get” me; late-night phone calls; unbroken promises; all things nautical; tilapia; visiting and experiencing Bahia Honda State Park; family time on the Fourth of July; being published; parasailing; sifting through old photographs; spending a weekend alone every once in a while; trips to the zoo and aquarium; baseball games;  feeling peaceful.

This is my happiness, my thankfulness – not all of it, but enough to show you something about myself. Perhaps I don’t express my gratitude as often as I should, but I assure you, it’s always there. And there’s always more to be added to such a list as this one. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to make a list of your own. It will make you smile.


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