Don’t give up on anything, and don’t ever forget about me.

Everything you left behind in me will wait,

And everything about you will change in the meantime.

Never forget though, okay?

Dragging our hearts to hell and back, just because you can?

Even I know that there has to be more to it than that.

Although my feelings skew my judgement, I know you better.

Nevermind the salt you poured into my wounds, blindly trying to save me.

Damning all the nights you had to leave me alone,

Emptying your mind because you can’t focus when I’m there,

And never knowing what to say when I work my way back into your heart.

Nothing hurts like you do, Love.

Don’t pretend that we can fight it all off.

Even the best lose sometimes,

And…well, sometimes it’s for the best that you leave.

Never forget though, okay?


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