Weekend update: Hawthorne and Irish visit campus

This is the worst possible weekend to have when I have two huge exams coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Having said that, this is the best weekend I’ve had in a while.

Currently, it’s Sunday at noon. I’m in my pajamas, sipping on my pom juice, and jamming out to Brett Eldredge’s album, Bring You Back. A few things remain clouds over my mind, but for the most part, I’m rather content. Colts football will be on soon, and I don’t really plan on leaving my room until the game ends.

As for the past two days, it’s been a strange mix of excitements. I got dragged across campus on Friday night to a free concert put on by our student union board. Mayer Hawthorne was performing. Personally, I didn’t know anything about the guy. To be honest, I didn’t even know if it was an individual artist or a band. My roommate, however, is a big fan. She set me straight on the band vs. guy matter, and tried many times to make me listen to his music beforehand. I may have refused.

Anyway, I went with her to the show. It was cold, they started 45 minutes late, and the opening act sucked. It was during the opener’s set, though, that we managed to get right up front in the pit. Literally. We were front and center, probably only five feet from the mic stand. All that separated us from the stage was a row of speakers. When Mayer did finally come out, it ended up being pretty cool. I love concerts – the environment and excitement is something very hard to beat. While I didn’t know a single song he played, I had fun. My roommate got a guitar pick, I got a set list, and we were right up front while they shot some footage for a music video. Sweet.

To top off the night, we actually met the guy back by his bus. It was a little awkward since I barely knew anything about him, but it was hilarious to see my roomie fangirling. We got a picture and he signed my set list for me, so I guess that’s pretty neat. But more than anything, it got me excited for the next concert I’m going to in October… That story deserves its own post though.

And then yesterday, Saturday. Game day.

It was Purdue vs Notre Dame, here at Ross Ade Stadium. And it was a prime time televised game. The hype was serious all day, all over campus. I loved every minute of it. That is…until it was time to actually go to the game. I went with my roommate, one of her friends from orientation, and the roommate of said friend. None of them know anything about football.

Needless to say, standing with them was challenging for me. First it was all the questions because they don’t understand anything about the game. Then toward the end of the first quarter, I had to cut down their excitement about it being almost halftime. They really thought we played halves? What? After that, it was mostly complaints of being cold, hungry, bored, and tired of standing. I was bonding more with the random guy to my right than I was with the girls I came with. As it happened, we lost by a touchdown after leading for most of the game. That was a bummer, but coming from a family full of Notre Dame fans, I can’t say I was all that bitter. It was a great game to watch.

Purdue vs. Notre Dame September '13

So that was the weekend so far. As I said, today should stay pretty chill, but we’ll see how it goes. Boiler up, kiddos!


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