Make today better; say what you want to say

Every day, we talk about things that don’t matter. Small talk. It’s just because we can’t say what we want to. Those words just aren’t safe anymore.

Yeah, well I’m already in class, but good try. Did you hear that stupid little train this morning? Gah. Can we pick a new mascot?

Every afternoon, I almost ask you if we can meet up. We could get lunch. We could go for a walk. Honestly, I don’t care as long as I get to see you. But I never ask.

Oh, I’ve heard of those before! You’ll have to let me know how your event thing goes tonight since you’re the entertainment hahah.

Every night, I begin to send the same text. Sometimes I write it all out, sometimes I don’t, but I never press send. You’ll never see what I want to say.

Hey, are you awake?. I miss you, and you should be here. Come over.

Every morning, I look for your name on my screen. I get up, telling myself today will be better. Today, we’ll see each other. Today will be better.

Morning. :) I’m off to class, but we should do something soon! Dinner on me sometime this week?  

I said today will be better. I meant it, so I made it better. Sometimes you gotta jump. There are only so many days, afternoons, nights, and next mornings. Make the most of them, and say what you want to say.  Screw the people who try to tell you to play by the “rules.” Screw the rules. Type what you want to say and press send before you can talk yourself out of it. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? I promise it won’t be bad enough to outweigh the potential good that will come your way if you man up and follow your heart. Be ballsy, be bold, be brave. Make today better.


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