Allergies: They’re back to kill me slowly

In the past 24 hours, we got rained on for the first time in probably two weeks. Walking to class in the dreary and muggy outdoors was certainly unpleasant, but everything else has been far worse. See, sudden changes in the weather are the fastest, easiest way to screw with my allergies. I’m such a mess today.

I can’t stop sneezing. My eyes water constantly. My nose is runny, but I also feel the congestion in my sinuses. I’m not looking for sympathy; I just want everyone to know what I’m experiencing before I continue. Yeah, having allergies is never fun, but let me just say that having a sudden, intense allergy flare-up while you’re away at school sucks giant donkey balls. Let me elaborate.

I woke up maybe five or six times between going to bed last night and crawling back out of it this morning. I can’t stop sneezing, and it literally wakes me up when it happens. When I did finally get my feet back on the floor (the beds in our room are lofted and arranged in such a way that I don’t really have a good way to climb down), I shuffled over to the mirror and nearly cried when I saw what I had to work with today. Absolutely nothing is cute about allergies.

I probably spent way too long in the shower, but allow me to explain. I’m still sneezing at least once every two to three minutes, and a sneeze is dangerous when you’re holding a razor, or even just a bottle of shampoo. It would be all too easy to drop everything or slice off half of my leg. So yeah, I had to be pretty patient about all of it. And let’s be real here, the steam from a shower is known to clear up nasal passages. The snot wouldn’t stop.

I did eventually get clean and dressed, thank goodness. By this time it was after 10 and I was already hungry. I ate a popsicle and popped one of my cold/sinus pills. Granted, I should probably be on a legitimate prescription strength allergy medicine, but my way usually works pretty well and it’s much less expensive. Anyway, I went through what couldn’t have been fewer than a dozen kleenexes before I went downstairs to grab lunch. I had to eat alone in my room because a face this runny simply isn’t fit to be in a dining court. Then I did some more sitting around trying to wish away my misfortune. Actually, I’m still doing that; it has yet to work.

Thankfully, I only have one class on Thursdays. However, it happens to be a three hour Organic Chemistry lab. This week was just check-in and going over some safety policies, but let me tell you, it was the most miserable seventy-two minutes of my day. Think about it: You’re in a room with people you’re going to be around all semester. You don’t know any of them, but you want to make friends, or at the very least, not scare your lab partner away. Instead, you’re sneezing and desperately blowing your nose as you apologize to your partner more than once for your condition. You try not to sniffle because you know you’ll gross out yourself and everyone else if you do. Your TA looks a little disgusted, a cute guy in the front row glances back at you with a sorry look after your eighth sneeze, and the lady up front who’s giving her safety spiel probably thinks you’re crying.

That’s how class was today. Mom probably wishes she hadn’t asked when she called earlier.

After a dreadful trip to the bookstore, I finally trudged back to my dorm and my roommate looked at me like I was dying. Part of me wanted to check the mirror again, but instead I collapsed onto the futon and reached for my box of Kleenex, and here I sit.

I love college, but I could do without this part. It’s not really that I’m sick and I want my mom around; it’s that I look/feel terrible (and want to be alone until that changes), but everyone is around. All the time. Ha. I’m actually supposed to be introducing my roommate to a special guy of mine tomorrow, and this is not how I imagined myself when that happens. I can just see it now…. “This is *giant sneeze* Kelsey, my roommate, *sniffle* and she’s one of my best *even bigger sneeze* friends from home.” Oh, lordy.

I do apologize for the complaining, but I know I’m not alone here. All allergy sufferers have had days like this and days worse than this. I just have to remember that it’s gotta get better eventually. So here’s to allergy meds, big boxes of kleenex, and praying that tomorrow is better.


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