Saturday: Involuntary break from my iPhone

I am entirely too dependent on technology. It’s almost embarrassing. I realized that sometime last year after finally joining the 21st century and getting an iPhone. However, today it’s really smacking me in the face. Care to guess why? Yeah, no phone today.

I dropped it in the pool last night.

Mmhmm. It was devastating, actually. After a couple panicked dives looking for it in the dark water (we’re talking around 11pm, so there really wasn’t any light at all), I was finally able to grab it and bring it back to dry land. As quickly as possible, I did the only thing I knew to do: power it down, tear the case off, dry it the best I could, and bury it in a bag of rice. Now I’m waiting. 

I know it still powers on because I had trouble keeping it turned off. After a few minutes of staring sadly at my catastrophe in the ziploc bag, I saw the rice illuminated by the screen. Curious, I brushed the grains to the side for a moment, and found that I had a notification from snapchat. Awesome. I turned it off again, but it was back on within minutes. With the help of google, I did manage to get my phone to stay off, and that’s how it’s remained all day.

The flash on the camera won’t stay off. I googled that, too. If it doesn’t go and stay off when the battery runs all the way down, I have a few tricks to try. Hopefully that’s the only problem. I have insurance, so I’m not completely flipping shit yet, but I’d still rather my phone come back to life instead of buying a new one or paying for repairs.

I’m going insane for other reasons though. Even with my laptop and all the internet access I want, I can’t stand not having my phone. I’m not even sure why. I don’t do that much texting, and I don’t really play any games. I dug up an old iPod Touch and downloaded snapchat and twitter on there. Those are the important things. It’s almost like having a phone again in a lot of ways. But somehow, I’m still insanely anxious to get my precious iPhone back in my hands.

I live in a technology-dependent age, and it becomes more evident every day. It’s good in a lot of ways, but it’s coming in loud and clear that we might be better off if we took occasional breaks from our gadgets. That way, when a tragedy strikes, it might be a little easier to get through. My motto since February has been “patience pays,” but I’m being put to the test today.


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