I just miss you

I just miss you.

I miss feeling your hand in mine while we just sat on the couch in silence.

I miss your taste, your smell, your touch, your gaze, your voice.

I miss you more than you could ever fathom.

And I need you.

I need you like my songs need a beat, like your guitar needs strings.

I need you like the day needs the night to balance it out.

I’m better when you’re here.

There’s nothing I do that I wouldn’t rather be doing with you.

Nothing that you shouldn’t be here for.

Because you’re part of my life now, a huge, tremendously important part.

You’re in.

And that’s really saying something, you know.

Well yeah, of course you know.

You know all of my stupid quirks and flaws.

But you don’t mind.

Even with things getting harder now, it still feels easy, like it’s just meant to be.

I’ve honestly never felt that before.

Maybe it’s real, I whisper to myself every night.

I’d whisper it to you too, but you’re too far away.

So I guess I’ll just keep waiting.

We’ve made it this far, so there’s no doubt we can finish strong.

Really, I know we’ll make it through just fine.

I just miss you.


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