Celebrating eight with Nike

It’s June 28, and I don’t know what significance this date has to you, but it’s an important one for me. Today is my baby’s birthday.

Nike was born 8 years ago today, which completely blows my mind. How in the world has time flown by that fast? Especially lately. I remember birthdays 1 through 4 pretty clearly, but 5, 6, and 7? When did those happen? How is he already eight? I mean, eight. That’s almost old for a dog.

I got him in August of 2005 when he was about six weeks old. I was eleven and I paid for him entirely with my own money. It’s kind of funny to think how long it took me to save enough to buy a puppy, especially a less expensive one like him. Today, I can make a hundred bucks in an afternoon. But anyway, he was mine all mine, and I was the most excited kid ever.

We went through 7 years of 4-H together. 2013 is the first summer of his life that he won’t be showing at the fair. That’s a little weird.

He’s still the same sweet dog, he’s just getting older. He loves to pace and stare, something bred into him. He still loves squeaky blue toys that resemble hamburgers. His face and nose are being taken over by gray hairs, but it doesn’t make him any less happy. And he still loves the birthday cakes I make for him each year.

I’m not sure how to feel about Nike getting older now. It’s a little scary because it puts time in perspective, which I don’t always like to do. And after losing our oldest dog this past spring, I really hate to think that we may have less time left than time spent so far. But it is sorta cool to think that I’ve been responsible for that guy for eight years now, which is getting kinda close to half of my lifetime.

Anyway, here’s to my best friend on his birthday. And here’s to many more.

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