Letter to (Last Summer’s) Me

Dear about-to-move-in-as-a-freshman me,

Here are some things you should know about yourself and about this year. No worries, I’ll leave you some surprises, but I think knowing a few things ahead of time would have been good. Keep in mind that this wisdom isn’t even a year old yet, but it’s as valid as it can be. It’s from me to myself. And who knows me better than…well, me.

  • Sharing a room isn’t something you’re going to enjoy. However, you’ll probably do better if you speak up when you’re unhappy instead of groaning and rolling back over in bed.
  • You’re going to come to hate stuff. Even the word “stuff” will irritate you. The sooner you de-clutter and simplify, the better. The craving for space isn’t ever going to go away.
  • That boy from your dorm who takes you to a couple of games and tries to buy you ice cream is a nice kid. I know you aren’t interested, but try harder in making a point not to lead him on. I know you don’t mean to, but be careful.
  • You’re terrible at chemistry, so good luck with that.
  • When the opportunity comes up to play IM soccer, go ahead and take it. Don’t worry so much about how you do, because you aren’t the only one who clearly doesn’t know anything about soccer.
  • Speaking of sports, you should go to the co-rec more often. You always feel good after you do.
  • On-the-Go may be convenient, but sometimes it’s hard to be healthy about it. Make the time to sit down and eat.
  • Watch for a cute tall brunette guy in an orange hat at the football games. His name is Thomas. Say hi.
  • Your hall isn’t going to be a particularly fun group of girls. But don’t worry about that. Seventh floor of Harrison is a better place to spend your time anyway.
  • Congrats! You won’t gain the Freshman 15.
  • You will have a burning desire to drench your futon in lysol at least once, but there won’t be any lysol.
  • You decide not to get a parking pass at fall break. This is a mistake and you’ll have to deal with it for the rest of the year.
  • Also, your umbrella sucks. You should’ve bought a nice one, but you go on dealing with it all year anyway.
  • Just wait till you see your bio lab TA for second semester. Hot damn.
  • There will be a few sets of drunk dials. They could be worse though.
  • One of your best friends isn’t going to be happy at her school, and you won’t really know what to say to help her figure things out.
  • Somehow you end up in front of a group of drunk Glee Club guys at football games like three times. Be prepared because you’ll want to shoot yourself in the face by third quarter.
  • You get really into eBay for a while. It’s not all bad, but be careful with your money. eBay leads to four Austin Collie jerseys…
  • Oh shoot, there’s something you should know about your lovely #17 too…but I can’t tell you.
  • Watch out for a clumsy skateboarder when you’re walking to Lilly on that first Thursday. Should’ve worn shin guards.
  • Twitter leads to all kinds of shenanigans.
  • I’m happy to report that you never vomited anywhere for any reason.
  • You have tickets to all of the basketball games, but you’ll get lazy and make it to only a handful of them. Wasted money.
  • There will be a heartbreaking talk on the phone during first semester. Later, you’ll use that conversation to write a paper and record a podcast. Try to remember the details.
  • When May starts getting closer, you’ll be torn. For the first time in your life, you aren’t sure how to feel about summer.
  • The 181 Industry Tour is a big headache, but you go anyway because of the networking opportunities. Cute guys at the dairy are a plus too.
  • You’ll ace every paper you write in 106, and it’ll make you wish you’d pursued writing more seriously. But hey, it’s not too late.
  • Saying goodbye is just as hard as you imagine it will be.
  • You’re going to meet one of your favorite almost-celebs toward the end of September. Get stoked.
  • The Dirty Heads are awesome, and you’ll soon listen to them all the time.
  • It takes a little while, but Purdue will feel like home.

Things are going to surprise you. You’re going to grow and change and learn. It’s phenomenal. You’re going to love it. Even if things seem less than perfect at first, give it some time and it will end up becoming marvelous.


can’t-wait-to-move-back-as-a-sophomore me


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