This isn’t a waste of time, no matter what they say

There’s so much I want to do. Places to go, things to see, people to talk to. Just…so much that could be happening. But it’s not. I’m sitting here writing a blog post instead. Why?

I really wonder sometimes. I could be trying to improve my guitar skills. I could take my dog to the park. I could meet a friend for lunch. I could clean my room. I could mow the yard. I could go on a spontaneous trip. But I’m not doing any of those things. I’m sitting in the air conditioning, listening to Pandora, and writing about what I wish I was doing instead. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I don’t know what all it is about writing, but I just have to do it. I think the biggest part of it is that it helps me understand my mind. I never really know what I’m thinking until I read what I’ve written. It’s time consuming that way. But even if writing is tied with my thoughts, that doesn’t really explain why I need to sit here and do this instead of get out and actually do something. Or does it? What exactly has led me to believe that this isn’t really doing something? I don’t understand when it was drilled into my head that thinking and daydreaming were sort of a waste of time. They’re really not.

Yeah, I could be doing a lot of other things, things that would have a visible or tangible effect in the end. Thinking doesn’t always have that so much…but it’s probably often a better use of our time. Mulling over ideas is what really gets us somewhere. Chores and activities pile up to kind of represent what we’ve done with our time, but they don’t necessarily say the most about us.

It would be nice if I could think deeply and do other things at the same time, but like I said, it works best for me to write stuff down. That’s how I sort things out. That kind of limits what I can do while I think like this. It’s not really practical to try to write and walk my dog at the same time. So I think it’s long past time that we stop punishing the daydreamers. Sometimes we do need a push to get out there and make a few memories, but not all the time. Sometimes we need to be left alone to think. Minds will wander to incredible places if they’re allowed. That’s how change happens.


One thought on “This isn’t a waste of time, no matter what they say

  1. I completely get it — I have been writing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil — Journals were my favorite gift when I was a kid and it was like a living breathing thing to me…it could not speak but it spoke for me — is that wierd?? It was my channel to let my thoughts run over like water in a cup that is full. Sometimes I was that cup and my thoughts were the water and when I become too full of life and all that was happening to me and around me, I had write it down and so the words would just flow out. What gives us the urge? What makes us dedicate ourselves to this? I think it’s the bond that writers share through attempting to convey our feelings through words and how sometimes that is more powerful than just saying it. For those who do not write, they would argue that point but in the world I live in, sometimes if my husband writes on a blank piece of paper…”I LOVE YOU…” that can mean more to me than me hearing him say it. Words are intoxicating and permanent…and I love them and how they bring people together from all across the world…its fun to travel and to see that world b/c that is definitely what I have been doing lately, but its more fun to share those experience with others! Keep it up! I will follow your words…S.

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