The Nightmare

You’re a taste of what I wanted, and I’ve chased you in my dreams. Now you stop and turn around, but somehow you stay just out of reach.

Our favorite song plays from the treetops and drifts down to our ears. The pain can’t hide in your bright chocolate eyes, and it’s bringing me to tears.

The sky is dark behind us, but streaked with pink and gold in between. I can’t decide if it’s rather beautiful or if it’s more empty and deafening.

We stare through the space between us, and I’m just wishing it would go away. I think you might be wishing it too, but I’m not sure enough to say.

Your face is blank and tired, a perfect mask that I can’t read. And I know you’ll never open up for me because you’re terrified to bleed.

Even with the music ringing in my head, a silence fills the space all around. Without a breath and without regrets, I slowly lay my weapons down.

I don’t want to fight you when I’m still so much in love. But I don’t want to keep chasing after something that loves to hurt me so much.

I reach out like always out of habit, hoping you will stay. But you flinch, pain flashes in your eyes, and you move another step away.

Our song finally echoes to its sad and dreadful end. The trees are quiet now in the background, as you begin to turn your back again.

Before I can find the words to use to try to make our nightmare go away, you turn around and with a dazzling smile, ask me once more to stay.

Just like every other night, I get lost in your eyes and agree. Then you fly off into your own little world, and leave only a vacant hope behind for me.


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