Maybe easy’s not for us

I’m sorry for not being there, for being unable to see. It further goes to show that distance ruins everything.

Accomplishments don’t stop. Of course, I want you to achieve. It kills me to miss out, but you know I’ll always believe.

You have a lot to chase after, and dreams will never wait. I’ll catch you where the paths meet. A second run-in with fate.

Maybe then I won’t miss out. The roads we’re on will merge.  The future laid out before us, and we won’t have to search.

We both know it’s not easy, but maybe easy’s not for us. We’re stronger than we seem, and we built it all on trust.

Others’ speculation…All the who, what, where, and when. I don’t care – all I know is I’m gonna miss you till hello again.

But go on, kid, and live it up. This is a dream of sorts. I’ll meet you in another time once distance has run its course.


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