Five ways to win my heart

Let’s learn how to win me over.

1. Make me laugh.

This seems pretty obvious. Typical. Standard. All of that and more, but it’s a big deal. I enjoy someone’s company when we can laugh together about everything. It can’t all just be corny things. It can’t be exclusively puns. I won’t put up with only inappropriate jokes. I need a blend of all of these. I like someone who’s witty, but also able to laugh at himself.  Someone who isn’t afraid of a little humility. My ideal mate will have the ability to make me giggle without having to say anything. He’ll have me trying my hardest not to smile, let alone laugh, when we’re fighting, and he’ll win.

2.  Just be courteous. To everyone.

Even if he’s a complete gentleman to me, I won’t tolerate someone who isn’t respectful and courteous to my friends and family, as well as everyone else. A relationship isn’t just about how someone treats you, it’s about who that person is and why you love them. If he buys you roses and diamonds but then turns around and acts like the biggest dick toward everyone else you know, that’s not okay. That’s not a good guy. Don’t expect too much though; you have to stay reasonable. Times are changing. Chivalry isn’t what it used be, but that’s okay. Really. Courtesy is a bigger deal, I promise.

3. Write me a song.

As a songwriter, I know how raw and honest this gesture is…or how raw and honest it can be. I admit that this is an easy way to get burned though. I’ve always been in an argument with myself over the whole “actions speak louder than words” thing. I know it’s probably true, but I just love words so much. I never expect people not to mean what they say. So yeah, writing a song for me earns a guy major points.

4.  Play with puppies and babies.

Seriously. Every girl knows that little jump in her heart when she sees an attractive guy with a baby…of basically any species. It’s just instinct, I think. We’re wired maternally, and seeing someone displaying good father-like characteristics seems to flip a switch for us. Watching guys I know play with their nieces, nephews, siblings, etc. allows me to see another side of them that doesn’t surface often. It’s wonderful. As far as animals, what’s more adorable than a cute boy with a puppy? Nothing.

5. Share your dreams with me and ask about mine.

I need to be with someone who has dreams and ambitions, someone who can be happy with life, but still stay hungry too. That’s basically how I am, and I’m finding that it’s a trait that’s not compatible with much of anything but more of the same. Our dreams don’t need to be identical. Maybe parallel if it’s going to work in the long term, but we have to remember that we’re two different people. I want to be able to talk about the hopes we have and what we aim to accomplish in our lives. It’s amazing how much a conversation on that level will strengthen a bond between two people.


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